The "Maintenance Order" database implemented at GE Elester

The database has two different interfaces:

Order: It is designed for all company employees, allowing for inputting data concerning a failure. Any person who works in the factory may approach selected computers and, after filling in their surname, may enter a repair order. Entering data is very easy and does not require any additional training. It consists in choosing (from a list) a department in which failure occurred, and after that, the machine which the failure concerns (a list of machines is automatically limited to those which operate in a given department). After that a short description of the failure should be provided.

Maintenance: After entering information on a failure to the "Order" database, such information appears automatically on the list of failures displayed by the "Maintenance" interface. It is an extended version of the database and makes it possible to manage failures (by indicating persons to repair these failures, wear of spare parts, change of status, printing information on failures), edit information on machines and tools, edit information on spare parts, define periodic check-ups, print check-up and failure cards and prepare repair statistics.